April 9, 2013

I'm Only Half Crazy #3

I thought when I decided that I wouldn't be able to run the Windermere marathon that the chances of me running 13 half marathons this year was also becoming less likely. However this weekend I may have proved myself wrong with a strong, pain-free 18 miler on Saturday morning.
Even though I've reduced my weekly training back to a more reasonable amount, I continue to run a few times a week and also with Lou who is still sticking to the marathon plan. This weekend's long run called for 18 miles so I thought I'd join her. I don't know if I fancied the challenge or wanted to prove to myself that I still have distance in me!

I can't deny I felt tired over the last few miles though I wasn't completely worn out and I could've gone further if I'd needed to. We finished the full 18 miles in 3 hours exactly, not including a few drinks and stretch stops. It was a beautiful day which made a welcome change after so many icy, windy runs over the last few weeks! Plus I am happy to say that's my third 13.1 this year.
Only 10 more to go....

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