April 2, 2013

Hi, My Name Is Shona, and I'm a Sugar Addict...

Oh dear, oh dear. Easter has been and gone and has left me firmly back in the grips of my sugar addiction. Most people know I have a massive weakness for haribo sweets and biscuits though recently I'd somehow managed to remove myself from the world of chocolate and all it's deliciousness. But then there was Easter. Chocolate eggs, creme eggs, mini eggs ... all so yummy and too much to resist! Plus when you're given one as a gift it's rude not to accept, eh?

So I'm back to step one again, desperately trying to resist the urge to dive into the box of chocolates a very sweet customer bought for us!

Easter has been lovely but my body is craving fruit and vegis again. I'm hoping that by naming and shaming myself here I'll get a grip and get back on track.
No chocolate
No haribos and 
No Fewer biscuits. 

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