March 24, 2013

Resist The Urge (AKA Tunisian Crochet)

Yesterday I went to a Tunisian crochet class run by Katie from Ramshambles inYork.
Source York Press
Tunisian crochet is a bit of a mix of crochet and knitting. Instead of finishing each single stitch and turning at the end of a row you work your stitches onto a long crochet needle. First off is the forward, which is a bit like casting on in knitting. You create a row of loops onto your hook until you have the desired width, the whole time 'resisting the urge' to finish off the stitch in the normal way. This is the hardest thing about this technique as it goes against everything you usually do when crocheting and it has a habit of freezing your brain while you remember what to do!

Then on the return you finish the stitches off as you work back. You just repeat this process until you reach the length that you wanted.

As I'm sitting here I realise it's harder to describe than I would've imagined, but basically it's a great technique for making quite a dense and very regular stitch that's good for blankets, bags and accessories. Yesterday we learned three different stitches but there are lots more that you can do and it creates beautiful patterns in colour too. Last night I practised on this phone cover and did a really regular pattern of two rows in each colour though the effect is quite striking when you just do one of each. The effect is different on the front and back of the pattern...

I'm really pleased I've learned another element of crochet. The class was a lot of fun and was a great way to spend a winters day. I also learned a few other little tricks and techniques from Katie and some of the other lovely people on the course. Plus as a bonus I found a pattern of a gorgeous crochet top that I might try to make when I'm feeling brave! For now I think the Tunisian crochet might come in useful in making a bag... pics will follow


  1. Must be really nice to make these crafts instead of buying them. They're personalized which make them more special.

  2. Great phone cover, make it all the more special knowing you have made something yourself :) Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Mondays ...

  3. Wow I have never heard of this stitch before? Very cool. New follower also!


  4. Loving the crochet pics! Very jealous of your cool new craft!! :)


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