March 9, 2013

Remember when...

I don't think I'm old, (because I'm not really), but I actually make some of our staff laugh when I tell them that we didn't have the internet at school and that we didn't have mobile phones, especially not ones with cameras in... (they were still a bit Del Boy when I was young!).

One of them this morning looked at me like an alien when I talked about Mary Berry, and it transpired that the other one has never seen Back To The Future (what is the world coming to?!).

Anyway, during my recent sort out I found a photo album from when cameras were cameras. It covered a few different events, from a holiday with my parents to a school trip in the Lake District. Which brings me to my point. Photos and the number of photos we have these days. Back when you had 24 or 36 shots per roll and each roll would cost money both to by and to get developed, you were a little bit more careful with how many shots you snapped.

These days with most of us having cameras on our phones we are able to snap away like we're all paparazzi! As a result I have way too many photos. Now don't get me wrong... I don't think this is *all* bad. Of course I LOVE having a decent camera in my pocket all the time and having all these photos, especially of my beautiful hounds! And there is a lot to be said for being able to take a second, third or fourth photo when you don't get the shot you want first time.

But how the heck do you organise them all? I know the first step is being better at deleting bad photos and when I've taken 2 or 3 of the same thing being sure to pick the best one and chucking the other two. But  once that is done, how do you organise the thousands of photos you collect on your phone and computer? Please let me know what works for you best. I have an iPhone and use a Windows computer ... if you use any particular programs, a tag system or anything else, please share as I'm interested to learn!


  1. Haha, love this post! :) I remember old film-roll cameras, it was a great surprise to get the film developed and see what the photo's came out like, usually I would find I had my finger over half the lens for the majority!


  2. I organise my photos by having folders by year, and then within each year I have folders like 'holidays and daytrips' 'photos of me' 'birthdays and events' etc. If there's a lot of pictures within that folder I'll then organise it by month. So when I want to find a certain picture I go to the year and then the folder it's most likely to be in and go to that months folder :) great post, mobile phones were just starting to become popular as I was leaving school and I remember thinking I was great with my massive brick phone lol x

    1. Thanks Stacey! Your way of keeping photos definitely seems to make sense to me, imagine how many million we'd have if we'd had iphones from the time we were 11! :D

  3. I know!! we might be around the same age ;) I sent my first e-mail when I was 20 years old.

    The weird thing is that I recently went back to uni for a 2nd degree, and things have changed SO MUCH. Three out of my five classes are given in a classroom with computers. When we write exams, we do it on the computers and print them out then and there. It's so weird. For most "kids" in my classes, this is their normal. Incredible what 15 years can do in technology!

  4. While doing a bit of pre-spring cleaning, I found a box of about 10 rolls of film! I asked Costco if they still develop film, and they don't. =( I remember when mobile phones looked like the one you've shown (remember Saved by the Bell?). LOL
    Love this post.
    Already followed with GFC, but now I'm following you back via bloglovin too!

  5. oh girlfriend, you have NO IDEA how many pics in my phone that were BAD! i mean yes i love taking pictures and all, but a camera phone is still just a camera phone, nothing is better than a real camera, and i dont mean a simple digi cam, but one that has more options than auto focus and close up lol

    i have several usb thumb sticks that i organize my photos and vids, and it has proven very useful.

    you really just have to make folders for each category and move your pics to each related folder. and before u delete some bad photos, u might want to use a photo editor to see if you can salvage them first.

  6. Haha I can remember no phones at school, I remember my first mobile was like a brick it was so heavy :) great post thanks for sharing with us at welcome to the weekend hop :)

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