January 25, 2013

At Least One Half Crazy!

It's taken my almost a week to post this update but I've got here finally! Last Sunday I did my first 13.1 mile run of the year as part of my Half Crazy challenge to run 13 half marathons in 2013.

I hadn't originally planned to go that far for two reasons: Firstly it's been snowing making conditions a bit tricky and secondly I was wearing my Cascadias for the first time so thought a shorter run might be wise while I get used to them. But it's hard to stop me and Lou from getting giddy so 13.1 it was! We set off on the trails to make the most of the pretty scenery. It was a great route over open fields, through woods, over little bridges, past frozen lakes and by rushing water. Thank goodness for my trail shoes as I have no doubt I'd have fallen on my arse in my adrenalines!

Despite the gorgeous and varied scenery, it was by far the hardest 13 miles I've run in a long time! I think the churned up mud that had frozen and then been covered in snow made such an unstable footing that I was constantly fighting to keep my balance and not go over on my ankles. Add into that a few hills and hey presto... ouch!
It was totally worth the effort though and I'm happy that Lou and I could keep each other going and encourage each other to do the full 13.1, especially when there was a short cut that would have got us home in 10!
We made sure we rewarded our efforts with a hot cup of tea and some cake afterwards along with cuddles from all of these sweet puppies!! And who can resist puppy cuddles?!
Especially 5 week old puppies... 

All in all it can't have been that terrible as I've arranged to run with her again in the morning! Wish me luck!!


  1. Congrats on the first Half!
    Awww they are the cutest! Now how can I persuade someone to greet me at the marathon finishing line with gorgeous puppies?! haha x

    1. Hehe, thanks! I'll never forget Kiki (my Texas lab)'s litte face when I ran past her in my marathon. She was like, 'wait.. momma? Is that you? what are you doing?' I love having her at my races! I'll see what I can arrange for you ;) x

  2. Well done on the half, wow I feel guilty not only doing 9 last week, i'm training for London Marathon and should have done 14 whoops :) Arr loving the puppies and the black dog,they are all so sweet :)

  3. Wow, well done for getting out there and braving the cold!
    I've been really naughty and had a week off running (not good with my Half in 3 weeks) but I was finding it hard to keep motivated once the snow fell... I don't have a running buddy so it's hard to make myself get out there.... but TOMORROW I will, for sure, you have inspired me!

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches


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