January 24, 2013


Oh my word what a frustrating (and scary) couple of hours I've just had (you know... that scary moment when you think you've seriously done something to your blog that you don't know how to fix?)!

I've noticed recently that the Disqus comments on my blog are, shall we say, temperamental... basically it would show up as and when it felt like it, and more recently, just not at all. It'd email me to notify me of your comments but when I'd look at my blog the comment section (i.e Disqus) was nowhere to be found! Cue frustration!

The final straw was when someone actually took the time to message me and say they'd like to leave a comment but couldn't.
Next step... migrating existing Disqus comments back to Blogger comments. There's a button for this on the website so you'd think it might be quite an easy process. But then after it's not worked a few times, if you look really hard there's also a blog post by Disqus saying 'oh yeah, this doesn't work. sorry'.

I then had to make a choice... not be able to see the comments that have been made on my previous posts or continue to work with Disqus which means that some people can't comment when they want to (and I have no idea how many people this has affected but I know it's happened several times when people have bothered to tell me, not to mention those that didn't). So the decision was made. I've disconnected my Disqus account from this blog.

Cue more frustration... the reason I use Blogger is because I'm not practised in HTML. I've dabbled but just with the little things. Could I get a comment link to show at the bottom of my posts? Could I heck!! Well after a load of stressing I've found that I can add it back into each of my old posts individually. The good news is that from here on in I've come back to Blogger's own system. In fact in the time I've been away they've installed the feature I left them for (i.e being able to respond to posts!).

So here is my apology to all of you that have taken the time to comment on my other posts but can't see them now. Believe me I have read and appreciated all of them and I promise not to mess with it again in future! I can't cope with the stress of thinking I've broken my blog!!


  1. Yay! I couldn't even scroll down your blog to get to the comment box.

  2. What a nightmare! I tried to install a different comment processor on my blog and I couldn't get it to take. I was going to go back to it when I had some time, but am glad that I never made the time. I have read some horrible reviews since and have seen a lot of bloggers return to the plain old blogger comments. I just wish that blogger would make the reply feature a bit more updated.
    Anyway, I am glad to see that you got it worked out.

    1. It worked well for a start but over time got unpredictable. I'm glad you didn't put the time and effort into it only to have the same experience as me! Thanks for sticking with me while I sorted it out :D

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  4. goog lord, frustration is right! i guess i shouldve used wordpress rather than blogger since wordpress has WAY more functions for those of us that are html savvy.

    and did u know that the google friend connect is being replaced by google+? it makes me sad that i cant just go to my blogger dashboard and see all the updates from my followed blogs? frustrating!

    but i am glad i am not the only one LOL


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