November 9, 2012

Baking Experiment #2!

Flush with success baking a Christmas cake I got all giddy and decided to try and make one of my favourite cakes; lemon drizzle cake.

Now I said the other day that I'm no expert in the kitchen but if I never try these things I'll never know! I had a quick search through t'interweb for a recipe. Firstly there is the original master of baking Mary Berry and her recipe . However I'd heard a rumour (potentially on the Great British Bake Off) that Paul Hollywood's was better but his recipe isn't readily available online. So for some random reason I opted for a Nigella recipe. Love her or hate her, everyone knows that Nigella makes sexy cakes! Plus I could find a copy of her recipe online with some helpful photos to give me some guidance!

And... tadaaaa!!....

My verdict: I absolutely loved making this. It didn't need a load of ingredients and was pretty fast and simple to make. I did it in one of those silicone squishy baking moulds and as a result had to bake it for just a few minutes more than the recipe called for. All in all it seems to have been another success so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself!