November 13, 2012

A Yummy Discovery

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Castle Howard for the preview of their Christmas Fair that raises money for the NSPCC

Photo from Castle Howard website

Castle Howard is a beautiful place to visit and this year the Christmas trees lining the drive are gorgeous. I enjoyed having a look around the stalls and was quite impressed that I managed to find several Christmas presents for my family.

Among the presents for other people was, of course, a little present-to-self (I was working very hard carrying around a large granite chopping board that my mum wanted for her Christmas present... I'd totally earned this).

These two cordials are made by a company called Country Cordials. These guys are based in Hovingham (North Yorkshire) and specialise in 'handmade cordial drinks made from the fruits and flowers of nature with nothing artificial added'. Their website says that their cordials are made by hand using traditional methods in small batches to finely tuned recipes. They use natural ingredients sourced locally and seasonally with just a little British sugar added.

The Winter Warmer is a lovely treat as these cold winter days are setting in. It's made of Apple, orange, lemon, lime, ginger and honey and is gorgeous as a hot drink (which is very welcome this week as we have no heating in the house while the builders are building). The other one I bought was Apple and Elderflower and is really refreshing when diluted with sparkling water.

These two cordials are really lovely and I'm happy to be supporting a local company. They have a lot of different juices to chose from and I'd really recommend treating yourself to some if you come across it