November 4, 2013

Crochet Baby Blanket

Recently I've had a bit of time on my hands... Post op resting can get tedious when you're used to doing a million things at once. I went to a lovely baby shower last week and knew I wanted to get our friends a little more than the gift we had ordered online. For some reason I realised in the middle of the night that I could actually put crochet skills to use and actually make a gift.


It isn't from any pattern in particular and I must've read a gazillion patterns for inspiration but ended up doing a super simple double crochet in back loop for as long as it took to make the blanket the size I wanted. I surrounded it with an even simpler single crochet border (twice) just to make the edges smart and to give it a finished look

They don't know if they are having a girl or boy so I wanted to do a classic antique cream colour without any fancy frills so that it will be suitable for either.


Full size during blocking

It ended up a bit bigger than I'd planned originally but that just means it can be a baby/toddler blanket! I'm a little nervous as it's the first crochet piece I've ever made for someone else, I hope it's something that they can use and enjoy. I certainly enjoyed making it for them and I'm really pleased with the result.



  1. Looks gorgeous! I'm sure they will be absolutely thrilled! I still have the blanket my Gran knitted for me before I was born and I used it for my daughter. Hopefully your gift will have a long and happy history too.

  2. It looks beautiful! I'm sure they will love it, Shona. Nice color choice btw.
    My son loves the blanket my mom made for him. It's colorful and Aria's fav :)


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