May 18, 2013

Book Review #5

Yesterday I read No Write To Die by Tom Immins.

Ex-Insurance investigator Sam Lucas has his world turned up side down when his wife is killed in a hit and run accident, A phone call claiming she was murdered, sends him on a roller coaster ride to discover the truth... When another girl turns up dead he is plunged into the seedy world of gangsters, greed and drugs. Will his dead wife's past lead him to find the answers, who can he trust? and how far is he willing to go.

So what did I think?
I read this in one day and was interested in it enough to see it through but unfortunately I didn't really like the book. Part of the reason for this was the writing style that just didn't click with me. I didn't seem to connect with the characters plus some of the content was quite explicit. I understand that this was necessary in the context of the plot but I felt the writer did not approach the subject matter skilfully in comparison to other books I have read with similar content. In addition there were problems in the composition of the eBook  I'm not sure how this would come across in print but in the Kindle version there were a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. The plot jumps around in time a lot and there was no indication of this in the paragraphs or chapters which I often found confusing. The combination of bad grammar, spelling and unclear time shifts meant that the flow of the book was disrupted and this really detracted from the enjoyment of it. I'm not sure if this is an error of the writer or the publisher but it definitely affected my opinion of the book as a whole.

To be honest I'm a bit soppy and often feel a bit sad when finishing good book because I don't want it to end. I was interested to find out who was responsible in this story but unfortunately it didn't result in any emotional response from me other than disappointment that I hadn't enjoyed it more.

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  1. The plot of this book sounds really interesting, shame about the writing style!
    Lyndsay xx


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