February 11, 2013

Book Review #3

This week I finished May Day: A Murder-By-Month-Mystery by Jess Lourey....

Minneapolitan Mira James has been taking it easy since college graduation--too easy. Due to a dead-end job and a cheating boyfriend, the Twin Cities have lost their charm, and Mira decides to begin a new life in rural Battle Lake. Right away she is offered jobs as an assistant librarian and part-time reporter, and falls into an unexpected romance with a guy who seems to be the perfect man until he turns up dead between the reference stacks her tenth day on the job. Anxious to learn more about the man who had briefly stolen her heart, Mira delves into the hidden mysteries of Battle Lake, including a old land deed with ancient Ojibwe secrets, an obscure octogenarian crowd with freaky social lives, and a handful of thirtysomething high school buddies who hold bitter, decades-old grudges. Mira soon discovers that unknown dangers are concealed under the polite exterior of this quirky small town, and revenge is a tator-tot hotdish best served cold.A hip, humorous, and gripping account of small-town murder, this novel is the first in a series of cozies featuring Mira James, an urban woman with rural Minnesota roots.

I got this book when it was a freebie from Amazon on my Kindle. As you probably know by now I'm a fan of murder mysteries so I figured I should give it a try. I have to be honest, I don't know if I liked this book or not. Part of me did because at points it actually made me laugh out loud, but on the other hand it really wasn't my type of book as the characters were just a bit too odd and it was a little bit too light-hearted for me. It was an easy read and I was interested enough to stick with it to the end but I probably wouldn't have been too happy if I'd paid the £13.50 list price or £7.43 kindle price. There are several more books in this series but to be honest I think I'll pass. If another comes up for free I would consider it but if not I won't be adventuring any further into the life of Mira James.


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