December 8, 2012

Lost my way again!

Just as I get into a great rhythm of regular blogging I managed to completely fall out of it again and lose my way. Between a couple of rubbish head colds and a ridiculous amount of work I just haven't got back into it. But today I hope to turn the corner again and make sure I make time to write. I have an amazing weekend ahead of me... firstly I started today with a gorgeous but very icy run with a friend, then this evening I'm going to go and see Jimmy Carr live at the Grand Opera House followed by a curry and some drinks.

Finally tomorrow I'm at a charity dinner at lunchtime at an amazing venue then in the evening we're hoping to go and see the Buffalo Skinners - an awesome folk band in town before their singer goes back to America for Christmas with his family.

I hope to take some photos through the weekend and hopefully will take some time to write about it along with some of the other stuff that goes on in my head ;) Fingers crossed this will be the start of me writing regularly again.