December 31, 2012

Great Times

Finally there was a (slight) break forecast in the horrible weather yesterday so Paul and I decided to take advantage of it and took two of our black labs to the beach (I only have a 4 seater car and not boot so taking all three was out of the question!).

The forecast was for a slight chance of rain all day but I did start to wonder if we'd been a bit ambitious when it rained the whole way to Filey. However we timed it perfectly. We got there at low tide and the sun even came out!

Millie and Holly absolutely loved it and tore around after the toy, each other and plenty of other dogs too. We walked the full length of Filey brigg and then had a Paul adventure with a bit of rock climbing. The pups surprised me with how agile they were navigating boulders, especially as Holly is a short arse and Millie is commonly referred to as 'fat bum' in our house.

After thoroughly wearing out the hounds (and ourselves) we headed back towards home, stopping of course for a traditional fish n chips in the car just as it started pouring again.

Altogether, a wonderful day!


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