October 6, 2013

A Wonderful Wedding

Paul and I have been waiting for what feels like forever for the time that I could come to the USA and we could get married, though due the time scales between getting my visa and travelling, planning a big day wasn't an option. As I mentioned in this post, I wasn't going to let that worry me though!

When I flew into Houston I was told we had 28 days from the date of my arrival to get married so at the beginning of my second week here we decided to get married that Sunday.
Thankfully I'd already bought a dress in England so we had a starting point for us to work from, plus I'm incredibly lucky that my mother in law is so amazingly creative! We went shopping on Thursday afternoon and got me some flowers as well as picking up all the things we'd need to dress a table and decorate the house.

This was the perfect day for Paul and I as it was so wonderfully simple. We got married outdoors, and our guest list consisted of just a few close friends, Paul's immediate family, our 2 black labs plus a friend of ours that was able to marry us (hence the slightly unconventional-looking Reverend).

As my family were unable to make the trip at short notice we facetimed the ceremony to my parents and brother (you have to love technology!) then got to chat to them afterwards ....

Even though we arranged it in less than a week, I wouldn't change a thing about our wedding day. Even if we'd had a year to plan, I don't think we could've arranged a more perfect day.

The focus was our love and this was expressed with simple ceremony witnessed by the people that mean the most to us (and our puppies of course!)


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