August 11, 2013

Wedding planning with a difference...

I have to admit that since announcing our engagement on here last December I've kept pretty quiet about the whole wedding thing. Paul and I submitted our application to the embassy back in September 2012 and since then I haven't written about the process so as not to curse it! However last week I became the proud owner of my very own visa which allows me to enter the United States to marry Paul. AT LAST!!

So now exciting changes are about to happen as soon I'll fly to Texas and we can arrange our wedding. I feel surprisingly confident and calm about it all considering that we're getting married in about 5 weeks time and have no venue, date or anything else planned. We've been apart for such a long time that the show and flamboyance that people can get so fixated on doesn't come into it. The focus for us is not the entertainment of everyone else but the fact that we will be together again and all our hard work and patience has paid off. I have confidence that we'll find just the right place for the two of us. Most important of all we will be together again and able to say our 'I do's'.



  1. in a way maybe not having the time may help you ignore the frivolous detail and help you focus on the things that are important to you for your wedding? i've been following your tweets as you've patiently waited for your visa, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on getting your visa and enjoy the planning!!

  3. Congratulations - the simplest weddings are often the most beautiful. Good luck with everything. Cheers

  4. First of all, congratulations for the visa. I know you are happy about it, who wouldn't be. You will finally get to be flying to be with the man you love. Five weeks is a short span of time, just don't worry about the wedding planning, what's important is you finally get to be with him and you will be marrying the man of your dreams. It doesn't matter how simple or how grand the wedding is, the most important thing is you and your fiancee.


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