August 10, 2013

A Surprising Discovery

I'm a massive fan of my Kindle and couldn't live without it, but despite this I always thought deep down that part of me agreed with people that said they will always love an actual book more. However this week I realised this may no longer be the case.

I had an appointment at the American Embassy in London a couple of weeks ago. It's forbidden to take any electronic devices into the building so I bought a book on my way to keep me entertained while I waited for my appointments. On the day it turned out there was a lot going on so it was difficult to focus on reading but having bought it, typically for me, I was determined to read it at some point.

As I was reading I realised that I was no longer a fan of the good old fashioned paperback. Other than the smell (mmm book smell) I found myself struggling to get comfortable while reading. Somewhere along the line I've got super lazy... I like holding my Kindle with one hand, not moving to turn a page and not getting achy arms. I also hadn't realised how much I used the dictionary feature built into the Kindle. Added to the comfort factor is the cost ... the same book was half the price on Amazon than it was in the book shop, plus having a whole store instantly available at my fingertips 24 hours a day means I'm never short of something new to get into.

So after several years of reading on a Kindle I've finally realised, much to my surprise, that I'm not just a bit of a fan but really I'm 100% converted!!
Do you read on an e-reader or still enjoy a paperback? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment :)


  1. Yep, I now feel quite weird if I read a paper paperback. But I couldn't do without my beautifully printed art books! Cheers

  2. I still switch between both on a regular base so I do not forget how it feels to read a book but I do understand what you mean. I notice that if books exceed 400 pages I will not read them in paper no more. And reading with the kindle is indeed a nice and lazy things, as I have a bookseat I do not even have to hold the kindle.


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