June 25, 2012

Feeling Inspired!

I'm really pleased to say that I've turned a corner this last week. I was lucky enough to go on tour with Noyola and had a great time (some pics to follow later today).
Half way through the tour we were in Houston and could drive home after the show... we had already spent several days travelling, in bars and eating rubbish so I took the opportunity to get out and run. I'm in Texas and it's summer so runs are somewhat hindered by the heat but I was determined to just get out and do what I could. A pretty easy going 4km was enough to make me feel good so I packed my trainers for the second half of our trip.
I surprised myself as I managed to get a couple more runs in on hotel dreadmills while we were away...

They are not usually my favourite thing (as you can see from my drawing) but this week they did have some benefits... Firstly it was a good way to go easy on my knee (there's no camber and they have a bit softer landing than concrete). I was safe in the hotel rather than running around potentially dodgy areas of cities I don't know PLUS they are in air-conditioned comfort so I could run at any time of day. I was making the healthiest choices possible considering that we were on the road and running definitely made me feel energised and healthy.
So basically it seems I have caught the bug again.... I went out for an awesome kayaking session despite the wind yesterday and am looking forward to running again this evening :)

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