February 23, 2012

The Key

People often talk about 'THE KEY' ... 
...the key to success
the key to happiness.... 
Well.... this is my key.....
 We found this in a quirky little shop yesterday and I knew it was just what I'd been looking for...
For some time I've been wondering what to do with my race medals
I don't feel like I need them on show to everyone (they're not Olympic medals or anything flashy like that!) but I wanted them somewhere I would see them
Amongst other things, race medals remind me of the achievements and great memories of each race I've run
This key and the medals it holds signify many things that running has unlocked in my life...
my ability to overcome challenges and my determination and commitment to training.
Running has opened doors for me and introduced new friendships.
These little mementos inspire me in many aspects of my day to day life as well as in training and races
This will be a daily reminder of what I'm capable of and how strong I can be


  1. ahhhh the perfect key...and quite a unique key too!

  2. What a neat idea.......would never have thought of using anything like that to display my treasures !


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