February 23, 2012

Ever wonder if you've watched too many home improvement shows??

All this fair weather has got me excited about being outside again this week. I love to sit out and read and I get a lot of beautiful weather to enjoy here in Texas. Paul has a sweet swing at the end of the porch that I often relax on while he is tinkering with engines or working on garden. Plus we enjoy sitting out in the evening and enjoying a drink, playing some cards or listening to Paul play his guitar. However over time the outdoors take their toll on the furniture. For some reason I got all giddy this week and decided I wanted to do a little bit of work outside! 
So we took the swing down from it's rusting chains.... it's difficult to see here but the wood was rough and the varnish had worn off most of it  

 and we took the table which was also feeling a little bit sorry for itself...
A little bit of sanding and varnish...
and a can of spray paint later...
We had ourselves a lovely good-as-new swing and table. It's hard to capture in a photo but they look great!
Not only did we save ourselves money by not just buying new stuff, Paul and I had a great time doing it and got to enjoy a beautiful day outside!

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