February 2, 2012

January Training Update

I've found it really difficult to get back into a good training pattern so far this year though this might have had something to do with all that comes with Christmas and new year then travelling from England to Texas (and all the preparation that takes). Plus Paul and I were doing as much as possible visiting places in England before he left so that we made the most of his trip.
It always takes me a couple of weeks to get back into things here... mainly because I dread running up that huge hill! I'm also finding the temperatures really odd here... I expected it to be nice and cool as it's January, however Texas is having a very mild winter and it was 26c on my run yesterday!
I still find it hard to suppress that feeling when I'm running that I should be running further... something instilled in me from the 2011 challenge where every km counted! Between that and the crazy distances required for my marathon training I feel like I'm never quite doing enough.
However when looking at my stats, despite quite a few days off here and there for festivities and travelling, I've still had a great month! Just because I'm not doing my 2011 challenge doesn't mean I can't be a geek about my stats:
January Total: 179km (111 miles)
Longest run: 32.6km (20.3 miles)
Fastest run: 10.5km @ 5.25/km (8.43/mile)
It's the Galveston Half on Sunday, then I plan to get straight back into my marathon training and hope to stick to it as closely as possible through February!

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