February 10, 2012

Sometimes you need another pair of hands!

Now I have successfully completed my first half marathon of 2012, it's time to look forward to the next race. I still can't quite believe I'm going to do a full marathon, but I'm signed up now and training hard so it's going to happen!
However I have one small worry on my mind. I know that there are GU gels around the course on race day but I really can't stomach them when I'm running (or at any time to be honest). Through trial and error I found that Jelly Belly Sport Beans are the best way for me to fuel on the run as they don't make me feel sick, they're easy to eat and they taste good too. 
However during my marathon I expect to need 3 packets, one every 10km or so....
How the heck do I carry them on me when I'm running? 
I don't really want to take my hydration belt as it does restrict me a bit and can get on my nerves. This leaves me with either 'tricks of the trade' that I'm not yet aware of, or a case finding the right combination of running shorts and top that can carry 3 packets of jelly beans.
I'm not a big fan of the look of raceready shorts and I prefer to run in a tank or racerback top. So if any of you have any suggestions of tops/shorts that you find carry enough, or another way of carrying them, please leave a comment
Thank you :)


  1. Do you sew...by hand or machine? Could 3 little pockets be sewn across the front of your shorts...would this cause wind resistance and slow you down? I don't run so perhaps someone has had this prob before and will have good advice for you!

  2. At the local running store I found what I can only describe as a wrist wallet. It was basically an elastic pouch that was big enough for 2 GUs and an ID. Having something on my arm besides my watch didn't bother me, and it was far better than putting things in short pockets IMO. Good luck, let us know what you decide!

  3. I don't like the sports beans, but have the same issue bringing Gu or homemade fuel on a race. Its part of the reason I'm so picky about shorts - if there's no zippered rear pocket I don't even consider it. RaceReady shorts don't have zippers, and I believe they are the main reason why you see so many packages of food on the streets in the first two miles of a marathon. The last place I've found reasonably priced shorts with zippered pockets was Old Navy, but I can't find them on their web site - only in stores - and they come and go. If you can find them, the rear pocket holds three Gu packets comfortably, so probably at least three beans packets.

    I recently bought Nathan's Shadow Pak (their version of the SPIbelt), which seems to be a good candidate from freeing me from this short shopping prison. It holds more and bounces less, but being a belt, tried to climb up to my hips if I don't clip it in place. The belt might give you the same discomfort as your hydration belt, but it's worth considering.

    Some other tricks I've used (which may or may not translate to beans, since I'm guessing you might not eat them all in one go?) or have seen used . . .

    * If you wear compression sleeves or arm warmers, slip a packet or two in each one.
    * Safety pin the packets to the waistband of your shorts - works best if you can do so in a way that you can open it without unpinning and then dispose of the empty or fold it up and slip it through the safety pin.
    * Transfer the contents to a single ziplock and pin that to your shorts or tape it to a wristband.
    * Tape portions to a wristband individually so you can easily rip them off, consume, and ditch the tape/wrapping.

    Hopefully even if these aren't practical for you specifically they might give you some ideas?

  4. I don't like GU either! I was at a race last summer and realized last-minute that I had to carry my iPhone while I was running. At the expo, I bought an Amphipod carry case and used that. (goes around the waist) I was shocked at how light it was, even when my iPhone and keys were in it. And I didn't have to look goofy with a fanny-pack looking thing, I just slipped it under my shirt and was good to go. So no one could see it and I didn't feel any bounce or anything. I still use it when I want to bring my camera on a run. Here's a link to a similar product: http://www.amphipod.com/products/holders/day-of-race/race-lite-go
    good luck!

  5. I use a SpiBelt for carrying things. Love it. I put my phone, car key, iPod and any fuel I might need. Its light weight and does not bounce when I run.


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