October 28, 2012

What to read?

I'm turning to you, the imaginary people that live in my computer, for some help.

I love to read but since I came back to England I've hardly turned a page (or clicked the > button on my kindle). I'm hoping you can help me find something to change that.

To be a little bit more specific, I'm not one for soppy romances or very girly books that are about gossip or shopping (or whatever it is that girly books are about). Similarly though I'm not into very blokey books (I'm stereotyping here!) like war stuff. I'm not great at things that are set too far back in history (sorry if that's not very cultured of me but it's just not my type of thing!). Enough of what I don't like, what I do like are crime, mystery and courtroom dramas. I've enjoyed a lot of books by Michael Connelly and I also really liked the Stieg Larrson Millennium Trilogy as I could hardly put those books down!

So I'm looking for some inspiration to start reading again in the form of an exciting, gripping book! Please help and leave a comment with any recommendations you have of books and/or authors

Thank you

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  1. I love mystery and thrillers! :) Read Tana French's In The Woods (or any of her books) if you haven't read them yet - they're fantastic. Very atmospheric and unputdownable. Another book I'm reading right now is Eye Contact by Fergus McNeill and it's very good. Reservation Road is also very good!


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