January 7, 2012

Where to begin

I'm excited to be starting up my new blog... I started off last year when I took on a challenge to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. To keep track of my 2011km in 2011 I updated a blog as a reference point both for myself and for anyone wanting to check on my progress, but as the year passed, I learned that I enjoy writing about my running, kayaking, pupskis and travelling :)

Now that 2011 has come to a close I've decided to set up a new, more permanent site (this one!) where I can write about running, races and anything else that inspires me :) I hope to continue raising money for the MNDA and will be keeping this site updated with my progress. 
I hope you chose to follow and comment on my posts as I begin 2012 and gear up for my first full marathon!


  1. Hi Shona,

    Good luck with your challenges for the year and enjoy your first marathon (if you can do such a thing)

  2. Yay! Glad to see you have a new blog. I look forward to reading :-)

  3. Hi Shona,

    I am now following your blog and would like to say thank you for stopping by my blog "Holding Me to Ranson" much appreciated!



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