January 28, 2012

Mental & Physical Toughness Test...

This week I had one of the toughest runs I've ever been on.... my first 20 miler... with hills! 
I love being back in Texas, the weather is fantastic (running in shorts and t-shirt in January is awesome!) plus it's great to be running in the countryside again. The only problem is that I may have lost my touch with the hills as it's been a few months since I was running on them regularly... and the hills here are rough! 
There is no direction I can set off from the house that doesn't include at least one monster hill if not several, so I think you can imagine how I felt running 20 miles of them!
My quads were already achy from the run I'd done a couple of days earlier as I'm just not in hill shape. Add 20 miles on to that ache and I was hurting, big time! Thankfully I got to running near the lake where the views are a beautiful and the hills are a little less severe.
 It was a massive milestone for me and I needed to tackle that as the marathon is approaching fast.
So next time I'm running in York and grumbling for any reason... just remind me to be thankful that I'm not tackling this....

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  1. Shona, here's my friend Texan, who's a runner too-


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