March 5, 2014

Race Worries

I've been running for a few years and have run several half marathons and a full marathon. I usually train according to my plan and stand at the start line feeling quietly confident that my training will get me through the race comfortably and in the time I'd prepared for, if not a little quicker.

This is not the case for Saturday! I know that I can do the distance but I have no idea how to pace myself. I usually run with a Garmin and a virtual partner set to my target race time but if I don't know my target how do I approach the race? So I'd like your opinion....

Do I run with my Garmin and virtual partner? If I do, how can I determine my VP time if I'm not even sure myself?!

Do I run with a pace group and no Garmin, with the option to drop back to a slower group if I'm having a tough time?

Do I run with no Garmin at all and just enjoy the race whatever the pace?

Please leave any comments below... I need your help!!


  1. I would just run without the garmin enjoy yourself and just run the Best that you can ! GOOD LUCK !!!

  2. Ooh a VP sounds quite pressured ... but it has obviously worked well for you in the past. Have you got a recent half marathon that you could help use to determine your pace? Or your long runs should be run about 30 - 60 secs slower than marathon pace. Could always look at this backwards from your LSR pace! Good luck and HAVE FUN!! :)


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