July 16, 2013

Stop Keeping Clothes For Best

For one reason or another I temporarily diversified my reading material into a couple of self-help books (no groaning please!). I'm not going to suddenly going to turn into the Yes-Man though I think they do deserve a place on our bookshelves.

The phrase 'stop keeping clothes for best' popped up in 'Being Confident' by Judi James as part of a list of instant confidence boosters. I have to admit that this is something I'm massively guilty of. Even though I don't have multiple wardrobes full to bursting with clothes, I do wear the same things day in day out and keep some of the nicest and prettiest clothes I own 'for best'. Even when the opportunity comes along, such as a lunch with friends, for some reason I lack the confidence to wear them and shy away from looking my best.

Even though I read a lot of the book on Monday for some reason this particular piece of advice stuck with me. I went for a run that evening and afterwards, instead of chucking on the same old stuff, I popped on some cropped leggings and a cute casual dress that I've never found the right occasion for. You know what? I felt great!

Since then I've had a good rummage through my wardrobe only to discover that there's a whole hidden world of clothes that I love but don't wear. I'm not sure if it's because I'm saving them for best or because for some reason I lack the confidence to wear something other than my usual jeans and t-shirt. But why not enjoy them and feel good about the way I look? I don't buy clothes with the intention of stashing them away waiting for the right occasion for so long that they go out of fashion. I bought them to wear!

So why not be my best today, tomorrow and the next day? I'm going to give it a go!


  1. So true! I used to be guilty of this and, after reading some self-help books (shoot me now) I did the same as you. It's refreshing to take a different view on things. I've felt better than I have for years!

  2. That's a great piece of advice. Looking back, any time I've changed it up and put on my 'best' articles of clothing, I HAVE felt better about myself! Thank you for sharing,

  3. Aww I hide my clothes away to save for best then never wear them, lovely outfit :)


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