June 16, 2013


A few weeks ago my Holly pup had to have some surgery to remove a lump from between her eyes. I was so worried about getting it done and, to be honest, have been putting it off. She's had some problems after surgery in the past as she doesn't heal very well but the vet had concerns since it recently started to grow bigger so they recommended removal to prevent problems in the future.

Straight after the op she looked so sorry for herself, poor girl. I felt terrible for putting her though the discomfort and whole experience.
She bounced back really quickly but wasn't too impressed that I had to put her collar on to stop her licking at her shaved legs!
I'm so happy with the result. Just a few weeks after the surgery she's looking amazing. I thought the scar would always be visible as the hair on her face is quite short, however it's nowhere to be seen!
She always was gorgeous in my eyes, but she's even more beautiful now!

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