July 18, 2012

Crochet... really?

Don't ask why but for some reason I've been inspired to make something. Not just anything... I'm inspired to crochet us a blanket for the winter. I remember knitting years ago with my Gran but I don't think I ever crocheted anything and if I did, I don't remember any techniques at all! However with the miracles of websites, blogs and youtube I reckon I can teach myself

I haven't got any of the tools yet but have been busy looking at patters. I'm not sure that I'm able to get the right materials by buying online so I think I'm going to wait until next week when I'm back in York as I know there's an awesome shop that is just full of great stuff.

I first saw this design online and really liked the look of it...
 But then I also saw one like this...
My favourite is this one which is classed as a Sunburst design (I think it's the same or similar to the first pic above). There are lots of step by step tutorials for it and it's classed as easy with several people saying they did it as their first blanket but I'm not sure if it might still be a bit tricky for my first time!

For now I'm busy looking at websites and patterns. I think I could practice the techniques on a couple of really easy designs then when I'm getting the hang of it give these a go. 

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  1. Hi Shona,

    M aunty has been searching for the design you show above (the white blanket with the multicolour squares).

    Do you happen to know where you can get the pattern?




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