March 5, 2012

Weather woes... again!

OH MY WORD... NOT AGAIN!!  I just checked on the weather for Saturday and look what joys it has in store....

This looks like a repeat of the Galveston Half in February.... except there's also lightning. Lightning was my biggest concern for the race in Galveston and I was hoping it wouldn't be a factor this weekend. I'm nervous to think about running in an open, flat place like Beaumont in a thunderstorm.


However, so as not to immediately contradict my previous post, I'm not going to waste energy worrying about this.... my worrying won't change the forecast.
Hopefully there's enough time for it to be reassessed and change of it's own accord .... without the help of my worrying! I'll keep you updated!

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  1. hope there was NO lightning! not a fan of it myself and I worry about people who are out in electrical storms!


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