March 5, 2012

A Hiccup in the Masterplan

As the big day fast approaches life chucked in a big lesson and reminded me that things don't always go the way you've planned ....and getting sick 2 weeks before the marathon definitely wasn't part of my training plan! Neither was trying to run with aforementioned sickness and feeling as weak as a cup of camomile tea.
Now I've got some antibiotics (thank goodness!) and the majority of pain has gone, with only the occasional bit to remind me not to do too much. Last week I felt like this was the end of the world though seeing as I'm not able to train I've had some spare time to evaluate what this means and have realised it could've been worse...

Firstly... I'm sick, not injured; A knee or ankle injury would be so much worse than this. As long as the medication does what it's supposed to I'll be better by race day.
Secondly... It has happened far enough from race day to recover. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I'd come down with this next Thursday or Friday

So even though things haven't gone as I had planned this last week or so, this was how it was meant to be. It could even be a blessing in disguise as I get a lovely big taper and should be ready to race next Saturday! There is no point in wasting my energy stressing about things that have already happened. So now I'm going to quit worrying and prepare for my race with a couple of short easy runs and lots of positive thinking and visualisation!

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