August 18, 2012

Granny squares everywhere!

With all this time to rest and recover I've made some good progress with my granny square blanket.

As I've done more and more I feel like I've speeded up quite a bit.

This photo below shows all my completed squares so far. I plan to braid them together with the black yarn once I have them all ready to join
I think I'm just under half way, though I'm back at work next week so unfortunately I think it could take a little bit longer to do the second half! I hope it's not 6 months before I'm updating you with the finished product!

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  1. Very impressive. I can never do something patchwork - depending on the day, my gauge is different. So, I would end up with all different size pieces and they'd never fit together. Be sure to post a pic of the final product!


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