May 11, 2012


I think I'm suffering from a case of the 'almost 30 blues'. I'm not sure there is definitely such a thing, but if there is (or even if there isn't) I think I have them

My almost 30 blahs are being made worse by two things...

  1. I'm not writing anything (I usually really enjoy writing)
  2. I'm not running (running is what keeps me sane, healthy and happy)
What I have realised is how much I struggle to write when I'm not running. When I run I'm inspired, I have time to think and in turn I come up with ideas. However my silly iliotibial band is still causing problems which means long runs, or even short runs, are out of the question. What makes this worse for me is that I can't sign up for any races as I don't know when I'll be back on form. That really makes me feel uninspired and as if I have no direction or goal.

So there it is: My almost 30 blues aren't almost 30 blues at all... what I really have is a case of the 'I can't run (but I want to) blues'.

My promise to myself starts here:

  • I will stretch EVERY DAY (TWICE, THREE TIMES or as many times a day as I need to) to try to fix my knee injury
  • I will do something else that classes as exercise on the same 2 days on 1 day off rotation that I usually run on. From now until I can run again, I'm going to have to find inspiration and fitness through yoga, biking, swimming (when the pool opens) and P90X.
Any suggestions of how to overcome this little hurdle are totally welcome! 

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  1. To be honest, I think there is such a thing as almost 30 blues! I did nothing but sulk on my 30th Birthday! Hated turning 30 with a passion! I must admit though, I loved turning 40! Strange!!
    I have no suggestions for you but I do wish you well and a speedy recovery! I do enjoy reading your blog!! Please, keep them coming!!


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