April 22, 2012

Falling off the blogaggon

How to begin? I feel like I'm starting my blog all over again as I've got out of the habit of writing. 

I don't know if this was an example of writers block or if I have just let everything else be more of a priority than my blog, then at the end of the day when I finally have the time to write I'm too tired to be creative or imaginative.

I notice that the more blog, the more naturally ideas and posts come to me. But for one reason or another I have fallen off the blogging wagon (blagon? blogaggon??) recently. 

I love to write and I know that I may not have hundreds of readers, but I don't do it for the popularity or I'd have given up a long time ago. I like the way that blogging helps me reflect on events and is sometimes like a diary that I can look back on past events and experiences.

So here is my attempt to conquer my writers block... by writing a post, though short and sweet and basically full of nothing I'm hoping it'll open the creative flood gates and allow me to feel inspired enough to write about something more substantial. 

Only time will tell so watch this space..... (but please don't literally hold your breath as I have some roast beef in the oven that has my name on it first!)

April 5, 2012

 'Everything is still possible!'

Mixing it up a bit

I've had enough of resting already! I understand I need to take it easy and rushing out to run again is only going to aggravate my injury and make my recovery take even longer, but I don't like not doing anything.
Yesterday I decided to try something different; I did the P90X aerobic DVD along with their stretching DVD and Ab Ripper X! None of them were too rough on my knee and it didn't cause any irritation to my injury. By the aches I'm feeling everywhere else today I know I did something good! 

Today I headed out on my mountain bike for the first time in ages. I feel like I've been neglecting my bike but I was so worried about taking it trail riding before the marathon and injuring myself (I don't often come off but every so often a trail catches you out and it can really hurt.... sod's law says I'd total it just before the race!). 
This photo was taken of me last year when I was out riding but basically I grin like that most of the time that I'm riding because I love it so much!

I was peddling like crazy trying to get up the monster hills around here and really felt like I'd done a good workout! On one of the easier sections when I was cooling down a little I realised that I really need to be incorporating some of these other exercises into my running routine. Not only will they help maintain a good level of overall fitness they'll help strengthen other muscles and hopefully prevent injury. 

From now on I'm going to make an effort to ensure that I do other forms of exercise alongside my running, and next time I start a training plan for a marathon or half marathon, cross training and weight training are going to play a major role!